hi visitor, i'm mia kerin!
"Nobody epitomizes grace under pressure more than Mia. I have much to learn from her and the poise she brings to every conversation regardless of circumstance." - CHRIS SINGLEMANN, SENIOR WEB STRATEGIST AT NEW BREED
"MIA LAUNCHED HER FIRST FULL WEBSITE TODAY!!!! Wordpress site? No problem. Challenging client? She's got it. Mia is effortlessly cool and handles other people's emotions and reactions in such a mature, calming way. Not to mention her PM skills are off the charts. Amazing, amazing work Miss Mia!" - KELLY MOLLOY, MANAGER OF WEB STRATEGY TEAM AT NEW BREED
"Armed with her penchant for user research, Mia provided me with great in-depth feedback on wireframes, forcing me to completely rethink my approach… for the better. Sometimes it just takes talking through it with somebody who is equally passionate about the work." - JEFFREY LEWIS, SENIOR WEB STRATEGIST AT NEW BREED
"Math isn't my favorite subject but here's an equation I know to be true: endlessly adapting to meet the needs of our clients + superb project management skills + a delight to work with and chat with = Mia." - KELLY MOLLOY, MANAGER OF WEB STRATEGY TEAM AT NEW BREED
"Mia put on a really fantastic workshop that went beyond the mundane for our client Northspyre. Saw a lot of smiles and laughs and excitement even as we talked about a challenging product and sitemap. Way to keep 'em engaged and delighted Mia :) Bonus points for most info/hard stats ever gotten out of a client in a content strategy meeting" - KATIE FARINEAU, PROJECT MANAGER AT NEW BREED
"Today I watched first-hand as Mia expertly navigated an intense call like the absolute boss she is! An exceptionally clear communicator with endless patience as she explained exactly what's needed." - MATT TORCELLINI, WEB DEVELOPER AT NEW BREED

Incoming UX specialist @ NYU's Division of Libraries. I have a background as a content-first design strategist launching B2B SaaS websites at New Breed Revenue and as a creative project manager on design projects at axioned. I studied Integrated Marketing Communications (B.S.) at Ithaca College and UX design at Burlington Code Academy.

I love translating complex information and insights into scannable, organized, beautiful user experiences by way of a genuine interest in people and what isn't working for them. I want to learn how to do this even better.

My interest in improving web spaces started at 9 years old, on neopets.com where I spent countless hours perfecting the user experience of pet pages. Simultaneously, on myspace.com, I ran a site where I created layouts for fellow users using HTML and CSS.

I've always been the type of person to make something out of my experiences and share it with others. Outside of problem solving, I'm also an artist and make work that depicts my slice of life. I especially find joy and meaning in writing, digital paintings and making calendars.

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